Kinetica makes its Deluxe Protein Bars with quality batch-tested ingredients. No surprise they get the thumbs-up from WADA and Informed Sport, says nutritionist Rob Hobson.

Some of the best protein bars we’ve tried, Kinetica Deluxe protein bars use a blend of milk protein from grass-fed, hormone-free cow’s milk, as well as soy isolate and collagen hydrolysate.

The one thing that isn’t deluxe with these Kinetica bars is the amount of protein, which at 14g is the lowest on test (most of the best protein bars have around 20g per serving). Bear in mind though that it’s also the smallest bar on test at 45g.

Men’s Fitness verdict

There’s only 14g protein in these small 45g bars but they have the best taste and texture on test and are WADA and Informed Sport approved for competition.
  • Pleasantly chewy texture
  • Not too sweet
  • Good chocolate flavour
  • Only available online
  • Not as high in protein as most bars
  • Limited flavours

How we test the best protein bars

Registered nutritionist (AFN) and sports nutritionist (SENr) Rob Hobson only tested chocolate-flavoured bars to provide consistency in his reviews. He judged them on their taste, texture and nutritional effectiveness, as well as cost and availability, and the amount of polyols – a type of sweetener which can upset the gut in high amounts.

Kinetica Deluxe Protein Bar benefits

So while not ideal for post-training recovery, the Kinetica Deluxe Protein Bars are better suited for use as a general high-protein snack during the day, especially given its size and the fact that it’s lower in calories than many other bars, with 170kcal.

This bar is low in sugar (1.7g), sweetened with maltitol (polyol) and contains 13,5g polyols, which is fairly low for this roundup, and ideal if you’re after a protein bar that’s on the healthier side.

We tested the chocolate brownie flavour, which is covered in maltitol chocolate and has a pleasant taste that isn’t too sweet. It is chewy with a crunchy centre and doesn’t have the powdery texture you get with some bars. There’s no bitter aftertaste that’s sometimes caused by sweeteners either.

Flavours and availability

The price is a little high given the portion size and protein content, and you can only buy them online in boxes of 15. There are also only three flavours – chocolate brownie, peanut caramel and cookies and cream.

Despite its size and meagre protein content, it’s refreshing to come across a protein bar that has both a pleasant taste and texture. Kinetica makes these bars with quality protein, too, and tests its batches to meet World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) standards. It’s also Informed Sport approved, so is suitable for elite competition.

You can always take a bar and a half to get a decent post-workout protein dose, with only a few more calories than most bars, but then that starts to get pricey. It’s also worth bearing in mind that they’re not plant-based, so you’ll need to source your best vegan protein bars elsewhere.