Kinetica’s Whey Protein shake is cleared for competitive use and represents excellent value if you buy in bulk, says nutritionist Rob Hobson…

Irish brand Kinetica’s whey protein shake is 97% protein with a combination of concentrate and isolate. Each 30g serving contains 22g of protein – that’s plenty in terms of promoting muscle protein synthesis after training. The shake also contains 5.3g of branch chain amino acids (BCAAs), including decent amounts of leucine. It’s a good alternative to protein bars and one of the best protein powders.

Men’s Fitness verdict

Bulk buying this competition-cleared protein shake makes it particularly good value. Protein quality is good but the taste and texture is not as rich and smooth as other options.
  • Grass-fed and hormone-free whey protein
  • Good value
  • Informed Sport approved for athletes
  • Slightly sweet
  • Texture is a little thin
  • Not as rich tasting as some brands

How we test the best whey protein powders

Registered nutritionist (AFN) and sports nutritionist (SENr) Rob Hobson only tested chocolate-flavoured powders to provide consistency in his reviews. He judged them on their taste, texture, solubility and nutritional effectiveness, as well as cost per serving and availability. He also took into account the variety of flavours and any recyclable packaging.

Protein per serving:22g
Cost per serving:£1.18
Sizes:300g / 1kg / 2.27kg / 4kg
Flavours:Vanilla / chocolate / chocolate mint / banana / strawberry

Kinetica Whet Protein is low in fat and sugar and uses sucralose to sweeten. We found the taste to be a little sweet and synthetic for our liking, but that’s just down to personal preference.

Kinetica Whey Protein in use

One serving of the shake contains 117 calories when mixed with water, which is one of the lowest on test. So it’s a good choice if you’re trying to watch your overall energy intake. It’s is made using whey protein from grass-fed cows and is cheaper than other products that claim to be the same.

Kinetica Whey Protein mixes well with water and milk but is a little thin and not quite so rich as most of the other protein powders in this roundup. The ingredient list is minimal, although it does contain soy, which may not appeal to some.

Like the Healthspan Elite All Blacks Ultimate Whey Protein Blend, the Kinetica shake is ideal for athletes as it’s Informed Sport approved. So you can be confident when competing that all the ingredients are cleared for elite use.

Sizes and availability

Packs are available in 300g, 1kg, 2.27kg and 4kg sizes so there’s value to had from buying in bulk – ideal if you take shakes regularly. The tubs are only available online, but is delivery is quick and efficient. Bear in mind, though, that you’ll have to pay extra for postage if your order is less than £50.

Overall, Kinetica Whey Protein is a good choice for serious athletes. We’d recommend buying smaller tubs first to make sure you like the taste (you can choose from chocolate, vanilla or unflavoured). If you do, this is one of the best value shakes on test, coasting less than £1 a serving if you buy big.

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