Kymira combines superb comfort and Far Infrared technology to make its Recharge IR50 compression tights a sound choice for workouts and recovery…

Kymira Recharge IR50 Compression Tights


£80 / 


  • Quick drying 
  • Second-skin feel 


  • Thick seams 
  • No medical-grade compression 

Comfort: 4/5
Compression: 3/5
Sweat-wicking: 4/5

Kymira’s super-comfy Recharge IR50 compression tights put a unique spin on recovery and compression gear. A bit like those fancy infrared saunas you find in boutique gyms, these tights harness Far Infrared (FIR) technology to boost recovery.  They’re ideal for wearing underneath shorts or even the best sweatpants on colder days.

Minerals embedded in the Celliant-infused fabric convert body heat into FIR and reflect this ‘energy’ back into the muscles to create deeper warmth, which boosts blood flow and increases muscle oxygen levels. Kymira claims this technology also helps regulate your body heat in hot and cold conditions.  

The Kymira Recharge IR50 tights are designed primarily for post-workout recovery but double-up as workout gear too. They don’t list an official compression grading but they have a tight second-skin fit that offers a relatively strong level of compression compared to some tights we tested. It’s not quite up to 2XU or CEP levels though.  

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They’re easy enough to wriggle into and out of and stay put with no mid-workout crotch drop or leg ride-up, thanks in part to a wider waistband and elasticated ankle cuffs. Larger raised seams near your softer bits don’t chafe during shorter workouts but could become problematic on longer-haul endurance efforts.  

When it comes to temperature control, the Recharge tights provide a impressive barrier against the cold – even against the arctic snap we faced during testing – and deliver warmth without overheating.

The quick-drying fabric also works a treat, helping them handle workout and post-session recovery duties if you have nothing to change into. With concerns over those seams, though, we’d prefer to keep the Recharge IR50 in our post-training kit.