Maurten Gel 100 has 25g carbs in each sachets and offers one of the more pleasant energy ingesting experiences…

Maurten Gel 100

$50 / £32.95 for 12,  

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  • High carbs 
  • Neutral flavour 
  • Easy on the stomach 


  • No flavours  
  • Quite expensive  

Taste: 4/5
Energy: 5/5
Portability: 5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5 

Almost as important as picking the right running shoe is choosing the best running gel. Maurten hit the headlines when superhuman runner Eliud Kipchoge used its carbohydrate drinks mix en route to smashing all kinds of marathon records. However, because us regular athletes don’t get Kipchoge’s mid-race bottle service, Maurten made a gel too.   

The Gel 100 gels use the same delivery ‘technology’ to get energy into the system fast without tummy troubles. But while the 160 and 320 mix carbohydrate drinks turn to gel in the stomach, the hydro gel in these compact, lightweight and easy-to-handle packs is already formed.  

Maurten Gel 100 taste and texture

The soft jelly texture is surprisingly pleasant. Like Precision Fuel & Hydration’s PF30 gel, it has a completely neutral taste to help avoid taste overload. The packs are easily stashable and relatively easy to open on the move. The carb jelly slips down easy without leaving too much of an unpleasant residue – or aftertaste – in the mouth. So you can take these without water, though they’re better followed by a few gulps.  

The energy comes from a blend of fructose and glucose (with a ratio of 0.8:1). The result is a pretty smooth power-up that’s largely crash-free. The regular Gel 100 packs 25g carbs per 40g gel. But if you want a bigger hit of carbs in the same single-serve sachet, Maurten Gel 160 now offers 40g carbohydrate in larger 65g gel servings.

That’s not quite as portable but then you need to carry fewer gels to hit your hourly energy needs. The downside: once you’ve opened the 65g gel, you’ve got to get it all down. There’s no resealable option and the packs won’t hold gel once they’re open.   

I’ve used Maurten Gel 100 a lot in recent years and I’ve found the packs aren’t quite as robust as some. On occasion, if I’ve been a bit careless about where I put them in my bag or suitcase, I’ve found the packets can split. However, for on-the-go energy boosters, I can’t really fault the Gel 100, though they are one of the more expensive options.

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