The Mirafit Resistance Band Set offers a wide range of resistance levels for both stretching and muscle building.

Adding a set of the best resistance bands to your home gym is a great idea for strength training and mobility work alike. But how does the Mirafit Resistance Band Set perform on test?

Men’s Fitness verdict

Made of non-snap, 100% natural latex, these bands felt seriously robust on test. With a large, colour-coded resistance range, the set is ideal for home gyms that are short on space.
  • Excellent range of resistance levels
  • Robust-feeling
  • Novices may struggle with traditional bands
  • Plastic-heavy packaging

How we tested the best resistance bands

These bands were tested by experienced product reviewer and fitness expert Basil Kronfli. Basil tested the bands over a six-week period from his home, across a variety of exercises and home workouts. The bands were rated according to three main criteria: versatility, band quality and resistance range.

Mirafit Resistance Bands Set
No two bands are the same weight, though they aren’t all different colours.

Mirafit Resistance Bands features

Mirafit resistance bands are a quality collection of traditional bands, and are available in a choice of resistance levels or as a set. Mirafit’s range offers portable resistance that goes from a featherweight 15lb all the way up to 230lb.

We would say the set is ideal for anyone who wants variable weights at home but can’t justify stumping up for a set of Bowflex Selectech dumbells, or for those who don’t want to buy a bulky dumbbell or barbell kit.

The Mirafit resistance band set features six bands, with a range that is perfectly suited for both muscle building at the top end and stretching with the lighter bands – and everything in between. We found the bands to be thicker than lower-cost options like the Amazon Basics TPE resistance band set. They are made of non-snap, 100% natural latex and felt seriously robust on test.

Eco-conscious buyers might grumble at the liberal use of plastic packaging. However, the colour-matching elastic bands used to hold them in place can be reused if taking them with you on your travels.

Using the Mirafit Resistance Bands

No two bands are the same weight, though they aren’t all different colours. Both the lighter bands are grey, offering 15-25lb and 45-50lb of resistance; the two middle bands go from 75-100lb to 100-120lb and are orange; while the heaviest bands are black, and provide 120-175lb and 175-230lb of resistance.

With the absence of a bar system or handles, we would say the Mirafit resistance band set will be harder for novices to eke out the full benefit from, versus some of the competition. Of course, anyone can work through a selection of the best resistance band exercises, from presses and squats to deadlifts and rows, but without know-how, imagination or research, training newbies may struggle to properly engage muscles and optimise their workouts.

We were impressed by the short but useful video tutorial on the Mirafit website, which gives novices exercise ideas to get them started. So once you figure out how to get the most from your resistance bands, the full band set could liberate you from ever stepping foot in a gym again. Or they can supplement your gym workouts brilliantly without costing the earth.

Resistance15-230lb (6.8-104.3kg)
Materials100% natural latex
ColoursGrey, Orange, Black
Number of bands6