The MuscleSquad 2.5kg – 12.5kg Adjustable Dumbbell Set is a versatile, cost-effective piece of kit – though more experienced lifters will want heavier weight options…

If you’re looking to lift weights at home, one of the best adjustable dumbbells like the MuscleSquad 2.5-12.5kg offers a cost-effective and space-saving solution. Here’s how it performed on test.

Men’s Fitness verdict

With five weight options, these adjustable dumbbells impressed us right away. We would highly recommend them for anyone starting their weightlifting journey.
  • Five resistance options
  • Compact design
  • Cost-effective
  • Light weight range unsuited to some exercises

How we tested the best adjustable dumbbells

Our testers are experienced product reviewers of all manner of fitness kit. We tested this adjustable dumbbell at various weights and through a range of exercises at high rep ranges to see how it handles, assessing it in terms of grip, comfort, and weight range. We then provided an overall score, taking build quality, performance and price into consideration.

Front of the MuscleSquad 2.5kg -12.5kg Adjustable Dumbbell
The 2.5kg – 12.5kg set is the lightest in MuscleSquad’s Quick Select range

MuscleSquad 2.5kg – 12.5kg Adjustable Dumbbells features

These MuscleSquad 2.5kg – 12.5kg adjustable dumbbells impressed us right away. One pair takes the place of five sets of dumbbells and its small footprint makes storage a breeze. 

We also found it easy to shift from the smallest weight of 2.5kg to a maximum weight of 12.5kg. You don’t have to faff around with dismantling each dumbbell to change the weights, either: just dock the dumbbells, choose the weight you want, click the dial into position and get going. Perfect for a full-body dumbbell workout, these dumbbells couldn’t be simpler to use in our experience.

The dumbbells can be bought individually or in pairs, and include the docking station and instructions. The docking station is unobtrusive and we like the addition of a soft underside to protect surfaces from possible damage. Plus, each set is also covered by a one-year warranty.

MuscleSquad 2.5kg – 12.5kg Adjustable Dumbbells performance

This 5-in-1 adjustable dumbbell set gives you five weight options. We found it easy to dial up and down in 2.5kg increments to find the ideal weight for a range of dumbbell exercises

We tested each increment, from 2.5kg to 5kg to 7.5kg to 10kg to the maximum 12.5kg weight, and would highly recommend these adjustable dumbbells for anyone starting their weight-lifting journey, as the lower weight range will help you with both compound and isolation movements. 

If 12.5kg is not challenging enough for you, MuscleSquad also has three other Quick Select adjustable dumbbell sets to choose from: 2.5kg – 25kg, 5kg – 32.5kg or 5kg – 40kg.

Lastly, we found the soft handles on the MuscleSquad Quick Select adjustable dumbbells to be extremely comfortable. When lifting the weights, there was some slight movement from the plates, but no more than other adjustable dumbbells. They also remain secure through each lift, though, so you don’t have to tighten them occasionally as you might with some models.