The Myprotein resistance bands two-piece set is an excellent shout, especially for anyone who wants to amp up their lower-body training.

If you’re looking to add some of the best resistance bands to your home gym toolkit, these bands from Myprotein could be just the ticket. Here’s how they performed on test.

Men’s Fitness verdict

While there’s nothing fancy about these tough and taught bands – with no tips or workouts in sight – they are great quality and excellent for lower-body training. Extra points for portability.
  • Affordable, tough bands
  • Great for lower body
  • No instructions of guides with bands
  • Dark grey option not great for upper body

How we tested the best resistance bands

These bands were tested by experienced product reviewer and fitness expert Basil Kronfli. Basil tested the bands over a six-week period from his home, across a variety of exercises and home workouts. The bands were rated according to three main criteria: versatility, band quality and resistance range.

Myprotein Resistance Bands
Taught and tough, these bands are great pull-up aids and can help you lock into larger muscle groups like glutes and lower back.

Myprotein Resistance Bands features

If you like the look of the excellent Mirafit Resistance Band Set, but don’t fancy spending around £40 on buying two individual high-strength ones, I’d say the Myprotein resistance bands are an excellent shout for covering a range of the best resistance band exercises, especially moves focused around lower-body training. Taught and tough, I reckon the bands are also great pull-up aids and can help you lock into larger muscle groups like glutes and lower back.

There are three different resistances available, with each band 208cm diameter: a green 4.4-35.3lb / 2-16kg band (£10); an orange 24.3-79.4lb / 11-36kg band (£12); and a dark grey 50.7-119lb / 23-54kg band (£15).

There’s absolutely nothing fancy about these bands beyond the fact they’re great quality. There are no instructions, tips or workouts – just the bands. Unlike the 11-piece set, though, the black bands especially won’t be too light for low rep ranges. In fact, if you’re looking for kit to carry out a resistance band workout for the upper body, these will probably be too high-resistance. (In that case, I’d recommend going for the green or orange option.)

Using the Myprotein Resistance Bands

So, what are the bands good for? Anyone lucky enough to have a pull-up bar at home, or who wants bands to take to the gym, I’d recommend looping either one or two Myprotein 24-54kg bands through the pull-up bar, and they’ll give you the leg up you need to hit a whole new level of lat and bicep fatigue. I found it straightforward to switch the focus to my lower body by looping one or both bands around the shoulder on one end, while threading the foot through the other end for some single-leg presses.

With 208cm of material, if you’re using two bands simultaneously for a squat, you’ll need to be pretty tall to create resistance in the full range of motion. That said, I found it easy enough to loop just one band under my feet and over my shoulders to toughen up a single-band squat, and if you find that too easy, switch that to a single-leg lunge for some extra burn.

Resistance:4.4-35.3lb / 2-16kg; 24.3-79.4lb / 11-36kg; 50.7-119lb / 23-54kg
Colour:Green, Orange, Dark grey
Number of bands:1 or 2