The Pro Dri-FIT from Nike delivers comfortable, sweat-wicking performance but compression levels aren’t quite up to scratch…

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Nike Pro Dri-FIT Long Sleeve Top


$35 / £37.95, 


  • Higher mock-neck
  • Smooth, lightweight material


  • Minimal compression
  • Cuffs can feel quite tight

Comfort: 4.5/5
Compression: 2.5/5
Sweat-wicking: 4/5

This popular, mid-priced, mildly compressive baselayer from Nike is one of the most comfortable we tested. The soft, skin-friendly fabric is noticeably thinner than some under-layers and that makes it wonderfully lightweight and easy to layer under tees, mid-layers and hoodies. It also means the Dri-FIT wicks sweat well and dries quickly. 

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Heat and moisture management is improved, thanks to well-placed mesh panels that keep air circulating over the areas like the back, side and underarms, which are likely to get warmer. You won’t suffer from nipple chafing or rubbing, either, thanks to that super-smooth material and the flat seams throughout.  

The fit is hugging and contoured but not constrictive – certainly not delivering the higher compression, second-skin feel of something like a Skins Series 5 or a 2XU Core Compression top

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It’s a solid option for warmth, security and support but it doesn’t really offer any improved blood flow benefits. Small details like split hems over the hip help to improve fit and keeps the waist from riding up, whatever you’re doing on the gym floor. 

There’s a higher-rising mock-neck design that stretches so you can get your head through, but fits high and quite snug to stop draughts leaking down your back and neck. The sleeves also taper to the wrists with quite tight-fitting cuffs. This ensures the arms stay put when you’re doing upper body drills with lots of movement and the cuffs are just about loose enough to roll over a watch without too much wrestling.

Overall, this is a versatile option that’s suitable for outdoor runs, hikes and rides but also for hitting studio sessions or general gym workouts.