Primal Personal Series HIIT Bench Review: With plenty of storage for the included weights and accessories, there’s much more to this HIIT bench than meets the eye…

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Primal Personal Series HIIT Bench With Accessories & Dumbbells


£1,199.99, (not yet available in the US)


  • Good amount of storage
  • Comes with a wide range of accessories
  • Easy manoeuvrability with attached wheels


  • Expensive
  • Not suited to small rooms
  • Heavy 

Design: 4.5/5
Features: 5/5
Ease of use: 4/5

Primal Strength’s impressive-looking Personal Series HIIT bench comes with an array of fitness accessories to provide versatile workout options for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike.

While the high price may be intimidating (it’s currently available online for a £300 discount at £899), the quality of the bench and variety of the bundled kit makes this an investment for years to come.

The Primal Strength Series HIIT Bench arrives in a large crate which you’ll need to dispose of yourself, or find another use for.

Primal Personal Series HIIT Bench features

The multi-functional workout and storage bench comes loaded with a range of accessories:

  • 18kg adjustable kettlebell
  • Two 25kg adjustable dumbbells
  • Mini foam roller
  • Medium resistance Band
  • Medium glute band
  • 9m 9kg battle rope (38mm thick)
  • Light powerband

The heavy-duty Personal Series HIIT Bench has a unique design. Its undercarriage contains space to store the included pair of Primal Personal Series 25kg Adjustable Dumbbells, which can cost up to $630 / £499 on their own. The storage trays are angled, so you can lift and replace the dumbbells without any hassle. 

Moving between weights is easy and can be done in seconds, with these particular dumbbells giving you 15 weight options between 10lb / 4.5kg and 55lb / 25kg. 

There are also storage compartments on the front and rear of the bench for further accessories, such as the mini foam roller, to help get rid of those back knots.

When it comes to moving the bench, there’s a handle and wheels to help with manouevrability. This is a bulky piece of kit though, so isn’t suited to small rooms. It can be stored upright to save space though.

The handle can also be used as an anchor for the included powerband and battle rope. The bench itself is sturdy enough to be used for step-ups and box jumps, adding even more adaptability to your workouts. 

You also get an 18kg adjustable kettlebell (which can cost up to $250 / £199 on its own) with five separate weight adjustments. Just a turn of its dial and you can perform kettlebell swings, deadlifts or squats with a bell ranging from 10lb / 4.5kg to 40lb / 18kg. 

If you want a workout bench where you can perform a wide range of exercises from dumbbell bench presses to bench plank holds, you’ll not be disappointed with the Primal Personal Series HIIT Bench.

Primal Personal Series HIIT Bench accessories

The glute band is an excellent addition to any workout, and this offering from Primal Strength doesn’t disappoint. I have had a few glute bands break on me but this one is comfortable and sturdy. It helps add an extra level of resistance and targets glute muscles through standing lateral leg raises and squats. 

The resistance band provides an excellent level of resistance for a wide range of exercises targeting the core, legs, and arms. The powerband doesn’t provide as much resistance as I’d have liked. However, it’s effective for exercises that target larger muscle groups, such as squats, deadlifts and assisted pull-ups.

You’ll probably find it hard to find a space to use 9m battle ropes at home – unless you have full use of a garage. I had to set up the bench in my garden to try some bilateral and unilateral waves. If you do have the space you’ll find the rope sturdy and capable of delivering a decent workout.

While the rope is long and sturdy enough for a range of exercises, I found the bench would move after a few reps. It’s probably worth sticking to gym battle ropes for most people, as it’s the kind of kit that needs dedicated space. Still, given that the price of the bundle is worth it for the adjustable dumbbells and kettlebell alone, having a battle rope is a nice extra.

The mini foam roller is useful post-workout to ease any pain or knots. It may not be the best on the market, but it’ll help relieve some muscle tension and tightness. And it tucks away out of sight when not in use.

Overall, Primal Strength impresses once again with its Personal Series HIIT Bench with Accessories and Dumbbells. Both seasoned fitness enthusiasts and those beginning their fitness journey can enjoy what this bench and accessories has to offer. The price may be hefty, but for what you get it’s a worthwhile investment.

This article was written by experienced product reviewer David Thomas, who has also put the best adjustable dumbbells to the test.