Pulseroll’s Vyb Pro is an all-singing, all-dancing vibrating foam roller that pulverises the competition…

The Pulseroll Vyb Pro is part of a new breed of hi-tech vibrating rollers that includes the likes of the Theragun Wave Roller. Unlike regular rollers, these smart tools have multiple vibrating speeds to dial up your massage as you need. In fact they probably have as much in common with massage guns as foam rollers. Combined with stretching exercises, these best foam rollers for workout recovery will really up your recovery game.

Men’s Fitness verdict

The Pulseroll Vyb Pro Foam Roller is an all-singing, all-dancing vibrating foam roller that pulverises the competition. It may seem pricey but you’re effectively getting a mini massage gun too.
  • Five effective vibration modes
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Robust build quality
  • Highest speed may be too much for some
  • No way to check charge level

How we test the best foam rollers

Though most people predominantly use foam rollers for massaging tight hamstring and calf muscles, they can be used for every body part. So our testers used each roller after exercise for these best foam roller moves. They massaged and manipulated the tissue and muscles in their feet, shins, adductors and quads, as well as their upper and lower back, pecs and lats. They also used these moves in conjunction with complimentary stretching exercises, such as the best hip stretches and best shoulder stretches.

Features:5 vibration speeds, remote control, USB chargeable
Length:15in / 38cm
Colours:Black, red
Warranty:2 years

The Wave is probably its closest competitor as both feature five vibration settings (the Wave’s are customisable). And whereas the Wave features Bluetooth connectivity to control settings from your phone, the Vyb Pro has a nifty finger-mounted remote control.

The Vyb Pro comes in a robust box that’d be useful for storage or is recyclable should you wish to store the roller in the included soft bag instead. The roller and remote control arrived partially charged as both needed only a short top-up to be ready to go. I did get around six hours of use before needing to recharge the roller.

Pulseroll Vyb Pro Foam Roller features

At 15in / 38cm, it’s a decent size, a good 2in / 5cm longer than average rollers like the Umi foam roller or Gymshark foam roller. (There’s also a shorter four-speed model available.)

I was pleased to note it was large enough to do full back and double leg rolls. The surface is divided into quarters, with opposite sides having a diagonal diamond pattern or blocks and parallel strips. There are no smaller nodules for getting at tight knots, however.

The foam has a polystyrene-like feel, rather than the rubberised surface of most traditional rollers. However it feels pretty robust and not at all likely to crumble like regular polystyrene. There’s little give in the material, however, and I wondered how my tender calved might feel against it. However, in practice this wasn’t an issue at all and the vibrations help to mitigate this firmness. The higher speeds also meant I didn’t miss the smaller nodules.

Speaking of vibrations, there are four standard modes: 1,200 1,800, 2,200 and 3,500rpm. I found the lower two levels ideal for general mobility sessions while doing my daily mobility stretches and the third useful for problematic areas post-workout. The highest setting was a little too intense for single-limb work, but blissful for back work. For single limbs and troublesome knots I found the sweet spot with the fifth mode, which pulses between 1,500 and 3,000rpm.

Pulseroll Vyb Pro Foam Roller remote control

Discovering what worked best where was easy with the finger-mounted remote. Pairing is straightforward – you just press the on buttons on both units simultaneously for a couple of seconds. You then slip the ring over your finger and can cycle through the settings with your other hand. I found that was easy to do mid-roll, too, so I could dial in the amount of vibration I needed on the fly.

You can always cycle through the speeds using the power button on the roller itself but the remote control was so useful I used that almost exclusively.

Included in the box are the USB cable for the roller and remote, as well as warranty and instruction manuals. In this day and age it seems unnecessary to have both reproduced numerous times in different languages, when they could be made available online. When USB charging, the five lights on the edge flash one by one and all illuminate when fully charged. It would have been useful to show how much the battery was charged at any given time, though.

Overall the Pulseroll Vyb Pro offers a much more extensive range of sort tissue massage than standard rollers. Its features, build quality and usefulness more than justify the price tag. What’s more, it comes with a two-year warranty for peace of mind.

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