Sensate is a portable meditation device and app that uses a combo of vibration and relaxing soundscapes to calm the mind.

If you struggle with traditional cross-legged ‘Om’ meditation, Sensate was designed with you in mind. A palm-sized device that sits on your chest, it works in tandem with relaxing app-based music to create a sense of deep relaxation. All you need to do is recline and zone out. Or combine Sensate with the best stretching exercises for a calm body and mind.

How does Sensate work?

The science is something like this… Low-frequency vibrations – the strength of which are adjustable on the app – target the vagus nerve (responsible for the gut and internal organ functions), to reduce the physical symptoms of stress.

These vibrations mirror the highs and lows of the instrumental soundscapes of the app. Then, the result is a genuinely immersive and highly relaxing experience.

Ten minutes before bed achieves the desired calming effect. However, it’s difficult to know how much of that is down to the vibrating device, the meditative music, or the simple fact you’re taking ten to do nothing at all. The likely answer, of course, is a combination of all three. Plus, Sensate does make it easy to reach a stress-less state.

Our only question is: why does it cost so much?

Man relaxing with Sensate device

Is it worth the money?

As well as the intended dual use, we experimented by using just the device (no music) and just the music, and found the main benefit was provided by the latter.

Prolonged use may well, as the makers claim, strengthen the parasymphetic nervous system and ‘improve resilience to stress over time’, but the most tangible short-term relief was more a result of the relaxing sounds than the expensive thing buzzing away on the sternum.

That said, while anyone who already has their mind-clearing practices in place probably won’t feel the need for it, if you’re in need of some headspace, and can afford the pricetag, there’s no doubt Sensate takes you to a place of calm.