If you’ve resolved to up your fitness game in 2024, remember to replace lost salts and minerals and stay hydrated with the best electrolyte drinks – as tested by our expert nutritionist, Rob Hobson.

Electrolyte drinks help replenish the naturally occurring salts and minerals that help balance our bodies’ fluids. Our electrolytes get depleted through exercise, most notably through sweating. The best electrolyte drinks often also contain carbohydrates and other nutrients to help you stay hydrated and to improve recovery.

But not all electrolyte drinks are created equal. It pays to consider the amount of the electrolytes potassium, chloride and particularly sodium in each drink, which help with preventing cramping, aiding muscle contraction and supporting hydration respectively.

If you’re not a heavy sweater, or need to reduce your intake of sodium for health reasons, you might want an electrolyte drink with lower sodium levels (say, less than 250mg per serving).

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What’s the best electrolyte drink?

After my extensive tests, I’d recommend the Nuun Hydration Sport as the best electrolyte drink. That’s down to a number of factors, including its reasonable price, how well it dissolves in water, its natural ingredients list – and, of course, its taste. Plus those mini tubes make it really easy to stick in a bag or pocket for electrolyte-boosted hydration on the go. Of course, the well-established SiS Go Hydro and High 5 Zero tablets aren’t far behind.

Other electrolyte drink recommendations

Best for tasteJust pipping Nuun to the post here is the Skratch Labs Hydration Sport Drink Mix. With eight refreshing flavours to choose from, it’s the one I’d look forward to most at the end of a tough workout.
Best for enduranceGu Hydration Tablets mix with 750ml and contain a decent mix of electrolytes. Their punchy flavours hold up to being mixed with that much water and don’t lose their appeal even after longer sessions.
Best for everyday hydrationIn powder rather than tablet form, the Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Powder contains vitamin C and is an ideal way to keep on top of your daily hydration needs. Its nine flavours are pleasant enough, albeit on the milder side.
Best on a budgetAt almost a fifth of the price of the Skratch Labs option per serving, MyEndurance Hydr8 is a great budget choice. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals and good sodium levels, too, though it’s only available in orange.

Product shot of Nuun Hydration tablets

1. Nuun Hydration Sport

Men’s Fitness verdict

Containing natural sweeteners & colourings, these sugar-free tablets offer a good blend of electrolytes and dissolve well with water. The flavours could be stronger, but there are 13 to choose from.
  • Good blend of electrolytes
  • Naturally sweetened and coloured
  • Versions available without caffeine
  • Flavour is not the strongest
  • Pack size is small, containing only 10 tablets
Serving size1 tablet in 475ml water
Sodium per serving300mg
Price per serving65p
Flavours13 flavours available (4 caffeinated)

With a good range of flavours, and available with or without caffeine, these mini tubes from Nuun are ideal for hydrating on the go. I found they dissolved well in water and didn’t require any shaking. I also liked how they have the most natural ingredients list of any product I tested, including natural sweeteners and colouring.

Product shot of SIS electrolyte tablets

2. SIS Go Hydro

Men’s Fitness verdict

Suitable for athletes and Informed Sports approved, these electrolyte tablets provide 870mg of sodium, making them ideal for heavy sweaters. They are also sugar free, easy to mix, and excellent value.
  • Good amount of sodium
  • Lots of flavours
  • Mixes well
  • Some flavours are caffeinated
  • B vitamins may not be needed
  • High sodium not suitable for everyone
Serving size1 tablet in 500ml water
Sodium per serving870mg
Price per serving40p
Flavours13 available

We all know Science In Sport is a brand driven by scientific data, so it knows a thing or two about optimal hydration. Its Go Hydro range has the highest sodium content per serving of any electrolyte drink I tested and it’s also one of the most reasonably priced. I tried the strawberry and lime flavour, which was light and refreshing with a slight tang. The tablets also dissolved quickly in water without the need for any additional shaking.

Product shot of High 5 Zero electrolyte tablet tubes

3. High 5 Zero

Men’s Fitness verdict

Ideal when you’re training for extended periods or competing, these tasty tablets dissolve easily and take up minimal room in your kit bag. At 40p per serving, it’s also good value for money.
  • Great taste with lots of flavours to choose from
  • Good value for money
  • Convenient as mixes with 750ml water (sports bottle size)
  • Heavy, salty sweaters may want more sodium per serving
  • Vitamin C is not needed for hydration
  • Some flavours contain small amounts of caffeine
Serving size1 tablet in 750ml water
Sodium per serving250mg
Price per serving40p
Flavours9 available

Another trusted player in the sports nutrition market, High 5 is the go-to brand for many endurance runners, including many members of the Men’s Fitness team. It’s a good choice if you’re training for extended periods as one tablet is enough for a 750ml water bottle. They may be free of sugar, but these tabs are full of flavour – I tried the citrus flavour, which offered a nice balance of sweetness and tanginess.

Skratch Labs electrolyte drink

4. Skratch Labs Hydration Sport Drink Mix

Men’s Fitness verdict

This refreshing drink effectively replenishes electrolytes and boosts energy after a sweaty workout. We love the tasty flavours, which all mix well with water and are not overly sweet.
  • Mixes very well
  • Great taste
  • No artificial colors
  • Comes in individual packets or resealable bag
  • More expensive than most other electrolyte products
  • Not all flavours come in sample packet box
Serving size1 scoop to bottle of water
Sodium per serving800mg
Price per serving£1.39
Flavours8 available

One of the best-tasting electrolyte drinks I had the pleasure of testing. Each serving contains a hefty 800mg of sodium, so it’s perfect for heavy, salty sweaters. I found this drink to not only be refreshing but also effective at increasing energy, making it beneficial as both an intra-workout and recovery drink. There are also an impressive eight flavours available, with each one providing a nice, hydrating option at the end of a tough workout.

Product shot of GU Hydration tablets

5. GU Hydration Tablets

Men’s Fitness verdict

Sweet and tangy, these easy-to-mix electrolyte drink tablets offer a good mix of electrolytes, plus vitamin B6, to replenish you after a workout.
  • Punchy flavours, although maybe a bit too intense for some
  • Good amount of electrolytes in the mix, especially sodium
  • Pack size is limited to 12 tablets
  • Contains sugar, although minimal
Serving size1 tablet in 750ml water
Sodium per serving320mg
Price per serving55p
FlavoursLemon and lime, three berries, orange, strawberry lemonade

Ideal for larger bottles and longer sessions, GU tablets will see you through intense or prolonged training. I found the tablet combined well in water and didn’t require any additional shaking to combine. There’s a good amount of electrolytes in the mix, especially sodium, and I enjoyed the punchy flavours, but they may be a bit too intense for some people.

Product shot of Hux Hydration tablet tubes

6. Hux Hydration Tablets

Men’s Fitness verdict

These sugar-free tablets feature high-quality ingredients and a sweet and tangy flavour. Dissolving quickly in water, they’re ideal for general hydration, but sodium is too low for intense training.
  • Good mix of electrolytes and great taste
  • Suitable for general fitness and wellness
  • Reasonably priced
  • Low amounts of sodium may not be suitable for endurance sports or heavy sweaters
  • Limited flavours
  • Small serving size may limit its use in sports
Serving size2 tablets in 200ml water
Sodium per serving116mg
Price per serving70p
FlavoursLemon and elderflower, ginger and lemongrass, watermelon

Hux tablets are a good low-sodium option and are more suited to general hydration and wellness than intense workout sessions. They have a good mix of electrolytes as well as a pleasantly sweet and tangy flavour. The tablets also dissolved quickly in water. I reckon you could dilute them further if you needed more fluid and they would still retain the flavour.

Product shot of Ultima Replenisher electrolyte powder

7. Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Powder

Men’s Fitness verdict

This sugar-free blend mixes well and offers a decent combination of electrolytes, along with vitamin C. It’s more suited to day-to-day hydration, rather than replenishing after extreme exercise.
  • A natural blend free from artificial sweeteners, flavourings or colourings
  • Good combination of electrolytes
  • Mixes very well
  • Not the strongest of flavours
  • Sodium levels are too low to support prolonged exercise
Serving size1 tablet in 450ml water
Sodium per serving:55mg
Price per serving:77p
Flavours:9 available

In powder rather than tablet form, this vitamin C-rich drink is ideal for everyday hydration and wellness. There’s a good mix of electrolytes and a range of nine moreish flavours to choose from (I loved the raspberry and pink lemonade flavours). However, as they are sugar-free, I found the flavours to be milder than other options I tested, so these may not be popular with those who prefer a stronger, more flavoursome electrolyte.

Product shot of My Endurance Hydr8 electrolyte tablets

8. MyEndurance Hydr8

Men’s Fitness verdict

While the flavour and solubility could be better, this blend contains plus vitamins and minerals to boost your health & hydration. At 25p per serving, it’s great value too.
  • Designed to suit endurance exercise
  • Wide range of electrolytes
  • Excellent value
  • Only one flavour
  • A little difficult to dissolve
  • Quite sweet
Serving size1 tablet in 400ml water
Sodium per serving345mg
Price per serving25p

Hydr8 tablets are packed with vitamins and minerals with good sodium levels to suit endurance athletes. They’re fortified with B vitamins too and work out to be the cheapest electrolyte drink per serving on test. The orange flavour is nice and tangy but a little on the sweet side. Also, I found the tablets didn’t mix quite as well as others I tested, meaning I had to shake to get the end residues to combine.

Product shot of Powerbar 5 Electrolyte tablets

9. Powerbar 5 Electrolytes

Men’s Fitness verdict

With pocket-sized packaging, these electrolyte tablets are handy for rehydrating on-the-go. They feature a good range of electrolytes, but the serving size may not suit everyone.
  • Handy sized packs
  • Good range of electrolytes
  • Needs 3 tablets to fill a 750ml water bottle
  • Taste may be too sweet and intense for some
Serving size1 tablet in 250ml water
Sodium per serving250mg
Price per serving33p
FlavoursRaspberry and pomegranate, lemon tonic, blackcurrant,
pink grapefruit, mango and passionfruit

Powerbar’s hydration tabs have an intense yet refreshing flavour (I tested the pink grapefuit flavour) and a caffeine kick for a pre-workout pick-me-up. They’re sugar-free, too, and come in tiny tubes that we could just slip into a pocket – perfect for hydrating on the go. I also found that the tablets dissolved quickly, with no need for shaking.

Product shot of electrolyte powder

10. Humantra Hack #1

Men’s Fitness verdict

Humantra may be an unfamiliar name in hydration but not for long. These all-natural sachets offer plenty of support for intense exercise and hydration – it’s just a shame about that high price.
  • All natural ingredients
  • Plant based and sugar free
  • Contains all six essential electrolytes
  • Most expensive on test
  • Only available online
Serving size1 sachet in 500ml water
Sodium per serving220mg
Price per serving£1.40
FlavoursElderberry, Himalayan lime, berry pomegranate

Humanatra is a new player in the electrolyte drinks game, and it’s ticking all the right boxes. Its sachets contain all six essential electrolytes as well as antioxidants and are made from entirely natural ingredients. Electrolyte amounts are greater than many of the big name brands too.

Its three sugar-free flavours are punchy without being overwhelming and there’s your daily dose of vitamins C and B12 in each sachet too. If you can stomach the price, you can’t certainly stomach these pleasant flavoured and exercise-supporting hydration hits.

How we test the best electrolyte drinks

Nutritionist Rob Hobson has tested ten of the best electrolyte drinks to help you find the right one to support your hydration and recovery needs. An award-winning, registered nutritionist and sports nutritionist with over 15 years of experience, Rob is a distinguished expert in the fields of nutrition, health and sports. During the testing process, Rob tested each electrolyte drink for taste, solubility and effectiveness in terms of their hydration and nutritional benefits. Check out his roundup, and full reviews, below.

What are electrolyte drinks?

Electrolyte drinks, which usually come in a soluble powder or tablet form, help to replenish the body’s electrolytes which are lost through sweat, such as sodium, potassium and chloride.

The role of electrolytes is to help regulate the body’s fluid balance, nerve function and muscle contraction while also assisting with the passage of nutrients in and out of cells – so it’s important to keep them topped up, especially if you’re exercising and sweating for a prolonged period of time.

When should I take electrolyte drinks?

The prime time to take electrolyte drinks is straight after exercise, to replenish the electrolytes you lost while sweating during your workout.

However, there are also times when drinking electrolyte drinks before or during your workout can be useful too. For example, if you’re about to begin a long race or gruelling training session, optimising your hydration beforehand can be beneficial. Likewise, electrolyte drinks can be helpful during exercise too – but only if you lose significant amounts of sweat or are training/competing for an extended period.

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