Strength training expert Roger Lockridge reviews the Signature Fitness Plate-Loaded Lever Arm Rack Attachment…

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If you’re lucky enough to own a squat rack at home, but struggle with traditional back squats, this Lever Arm Rack Attachment could be a genuine game-changer. Combined with a weight belt (unfortunately not included), you can perform back-friendly belt squats by loading the arm with weight plates. Rows are also an option, but it was definitely made with squatting in mind.

To see if it’s any good, Roger ‘Rock’ Lockridge spent a few weeks testing out the Lever Arm in his converted home gym.

Here’s his verdict…

Signature Fitness Plate-Loaded Lever Arm Rack Attachment




  • Squat without pressure on the spine
  • Easy to store away
  • Simple to set up
  • Can be used for curls, rows, and other exercises
  • Fits on multiple racks


  • Requires starting from the bottom (hardest part) of the exercise
  • Can only hold Olympic plates
  • Dip belt not included
  • May not fit snug on all racks

Design: 4/5
Ease of use: 3.5/5
Home gym friendly: 4/5

How big is the Signature Fitness Plate-Loaded Lever Arm?

The Lever Arm Rack Attachment is 31.25 inches long, 14.25 inches tall, and 3.5 inches wide, and it weighs 15 pounds. It serves as a great tool to help trainees perform belt squats, stiff-legged deadlifts, rows, curls, and even shrugs without requiring a lot of space. It fits on most squat racks, thanks to being able to slide the pin inside the hole and securing it with a hitch pin.

man performing plate-loaded squat with the Signature Fitness Lever Arm Rack Attachment

Roger demonstrates how to squat with the Lever Arm – perfect for small home gym set-ups

Simple assembly and set-up

The arm arrives as a single piece with the pin included. All you need to do is choose the position you want to place it on your rack, but it must be in a location where you can step back to use. It’s made of 11-gauge steel and has a horn that is almost 10 inches long. It will hold up to eight Olympic 45-pound plates – though If you’re using rubber bumper plates, it will not hold that many.

How to use the Lever Arm

Once you have the attachment secured on the rack, you’re ready to load up the plates. A collar wasn’t included, but you may not need it since the arm won’t be used in a way that makes the plates slide.

A dip belt is required for belt squats, and there is not one included. You will have to buy one of your choice separately. If you want to use this for other exercises, then you will need your own attachments and carabiners.

The attachment is very durable, and it takes less than one minute to set up for your exercises. You may need to stand on small steps or boards to get a full range of motion for squats or deadlifts, depending on your height.

Overall, it will hold up with a lot of weight, and it will be out of the way when you’re not using it. Removing it from the rack is just as easy. Remove the hitch pin, take out the connecting pin, and the attachment is free.

Signature Fitness Plate-Loaded Lever Arm review

The Signature Fitness Plate-Loaded Lever Arm Rack Attachment ready for use

Disadvantages of the Lever Arm

There are a few small issues with this attachment.

You have to start by connecting the belt at the bottom of the exercise, which may be inconvenient for some lifters. You also need to have your own dip belt to use it for belt squats.

Additionally, it only supports plates with two-inch holes.

Is the Lever Arm Rack Attachment worth buying?

If you want an alternative for lower-body training, or a way to perform different exercises with limited space to spare, then this is a solid item to have.

It won’t take up much space, it’s budget-friendly, and can hold a lot of weight. I bought it for all those reasons. As both a two-decade-plus trainee and eight-year home gym owner, I found this to be a valuable investment.

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