High-tech Italian race shorts have vents that open mid-pedal stroke for keeping cool and comfy over any distance…

UYN Metarace Bibshort

$199 / £199, uynsports.com


  • Light and well vented
  • 100% bio-based fibres
  • Padding suited to long distances


  • Technology doesn’t come cheap
  • Unusual thigh panels

Comfort: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Style: 4/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

These UYN Metarace Bibshorts have more technology stuffed into them than a rocket bound for Mars. Ironically, the thing I liked about them most was their ability to soften the onslaught of our potholed roads, which seem to be crumbling back to the Stone Age. I also liked how they use quick-drying 100% bio-based Natex fibres. See how they fare against the rest of the best cycling shorts.

UYN Metarace Bibshort features

Just clapping eyes on the Metarace shorts told me it was something new, with their soft, lightly ribbed thigh panels, ventilated cuffs and visible high density insert in the chamois. On the hanger it looked pretty outlandish, but once on everything smoothed out and fitted as it should.

These are engineered in Italy, and the race-inspired attention to detail is noticeable. On faster, hotter rides I often find that the short around the lower thigh can get sweaty. The Metarace solves that through its innovative cuff, which stretches out during the push phase of the pedal stroke, opening up tiny ventilation holes in its Ventcuffs.

For me, the HD4P chamois insert was the real star here, with four density levels including one that’s been designed and tested to provide comfort over epic, multi-hour rides. It also took the sting out of bouncing through potholes and over degraded road surfaces

The bibshorts also features next-gen bio-based fibres and a 3D knit on the outer thighs and up the back (and Lycra on the seat for abrasion resistance). Despite all the added fabric and beefed-up insert, it felt no chunkier than traditional shorts, perhaps due to the Natex bio-fibres being 25% lighter than normal. They also have a natural bacteriostatic effect, so it’s goodbye to permafunk.

UYN Metarace Bibshort performance

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this futuristic-looking, pro-performance bibshort, but the fact it’s been tested on Italian speedsters does shine through. I felt that I could take on any distance my legs could back. At first glance I was concerned about the wide panel of fabric on the back but its Flowtunnels tech worked as promised and kept me surprisingly sweat-free.

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