Vuori’s super-soft workout tee is stylish enough to be worn anywhere and versatile enough to handle any workout, writes Kieran Alger.

Like many of the best workout clothes, the Vuori Strato Tech Tee is a top-tier bit of fitness kit that can double up for everyday use. But can one tee really take care of all your business from the gym floor to galavanting around town? I hit the gym, the road and the court to find out.

Men’s Fitness verdict

A great workout tee that’s versatile, lightweight and fits well. Ideal for travel, as it doubles as daytime wear and workout gear.
  • Incredibly soft and light
  • Excellent fit
  • Good flex for free movement
  • Holds sweat on longer cardio workouts

How we tested this top

To see how this workout tee performed, MF tester Kieran Alger put the top through a range of varied workouts, from runs, tennis and cardio classes to lifting sessions at the gym. He assessed the top for comfort, fit, and sweat-wicking capabilities. He also paid close attention to any durability and how well it survived the wash cycle.

Vuori Strato Tech Tee features

The Vuori Strato Tech Tee shoots for simplicity, style and comfort with a classic look, slightly tailored athletic fit and a choice of more muted colours. It’s a training top designed for everyday-wear-workout versatility. The kind of tee that handles a wide variety of activities and looks good when you’re done putting in the hard yards. 

It’s made from a super soft, four-way stretch fabric that’s 96% Polyester and 4% Elastane and deceptively lightweight. It’s also UPF rated to keep the harmful rays at bay and claims the usual anti-odour and moisture wicking properties. 

Flat stitch seams add to the overall comfort while the arm cuffs pack enough stretch to flex no matter how pumped your biceps get. 

Care is pretty simple. It’s machine washable, you can tumble dry it low and you’re not allowed to iron it. In my book that’s a bonus. 

The Vuori Strato Tech Tee comes in eight sizes from XXS to 3XL and about nineteen different colours and the subtle tones and classic tee styling makes it a good option for kicking back pre- and post-adventure, too. 

Man holding the sleeve of his workout top to show the stretchiness of the fabric

Vuori Strato Tech Tee performance

The first thing I noticed about the Strato Tech Tee is how soft the fabric is. Even before I put it on, it had the look of a heavier-duty classic fashion tee but the material mix is silky soft and incredibly thin and light. You know it’s going to feel great, the moment you feel the fabric. 

Then once you slip the Strato Tech Tee on, it’s not only wonderfully soft and stretchy, it’s got a great barely-there feel that’s ideal for your workouts. It hangs well, the arms, chest and back have plenty of flex and it almost disappears into the background. 

In the gym, I did everything from chin-ups and chest press to rows and deadlifts in complete comfort, without restriction or interference. The shortish length meant it sometimes had a tendency to rise up during chin ups. But plenty of tees show a bit of belly in that situation.  

It’s lighter than many of the ‘athleisure’ crossover tees I’ve tested and that makes it a good option for warmer weather. But I’m also a pretty heavy sweater so I was interested to see how this more classic-looking fabric would cope with the higher intensity stuff like HYROX workouts and running. The answer: on shorter efforts it handles moisture surprisingly well. On the longer, efforts it largely avoided getting heavy, sweat-sodden and sagging until deeper into those workouts. On runs where I logged more than an hour, it held a bit more moisture. 

On sizing, I tested my usual medium and the fit was spot on. 

I had no problems with durability. I put the Vuori Strato Tech Tee through at least half a dozen wash cycles. Including some trips into the tumble dryer and had no problems with loss of shape or leeching colour.

Materials:96% Polyester; 4% Elastane
Features:Moisture wicking; anti odor; UPF rating
Sizes:XXS – 3XL
Colours:17 available