Test your capacity with this mixed modality belter: a sample conditioning piece taken from The Movement Blueprint’s PERFORMANCE programme.boost your fitness with this lung busting workout Men's Fitness UK

The Movement Blueprint’s PERFORMANCE programme offers a unique, cutting-edge training system that blends corrective exercise and performance training.

Designed to improve your mobility, strength and aerobic capacity, the programme guides you through periodised strength cycles and progressive energy system development month by month.

Expect to burn fat, build strength and muscle mass, and benefit from greater movement efficiency. Train smarter, not harder.

The Workout

Time cap: 15 mins

  • Aim to increase your row output (speed) each round and work consistently through the chipper each time.

Row:  500m* / 400m* / 300m* / 200m* / 100m* 

  • Target ‘increasing efforts’: ensure your split time/500m goes down each rowing bout. As the workout gets harder, aim to go faster.

*After each row, complete the following:

10 x Dumbbell Thruster (17.5KG) 

  • Focus on the quality of the movement each round – hips should be below 90 degrees in the squat, with arms fully extended overhead.

8 x DBall Over Shoulder (50KG)

  • Break the lift up into a ‘pull’, then ‘catch’, then ‘throw’ – the power comes from your legs.

6 x Burpee Over DBall

  • Ensure a two-footed take off and two-footed landing, with chest to floor each rep.

boost your fitness with this lung busting workout Men's Fitness UK

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