This full-body supersets workout from Gymbox Master Trainer Firas Iskandarani is perfect for busy men looking to build muscle and strength.

Ideal for anyone who wants to get strong while building a bit of muscle – but without mountains of time to spend in the gym – this full-body supersets gym workout requires a set of your favourite dumbbells, a kettlebell, and a barbell.

How to do this full-body supersets workout:

“All exercises have a set rep range,” says Iskandarani. “Start off working with a weight you can complete 5 sets of at the lower end of the range with.

“As you get more comfortable with the weight, try to work closer to the upper end of the range.

“Once you can complete all 5 sets at the top of the rep range, increase the weight next time round.

“Not all exercises will move up together and that’s fine – just keep a note of where you are for each workout in a workout diary.”

The exercises are paired together to form four separate supersets.

Perform all the sets of each superset before moving onto the next. For instance, you will complete all 5 sets of 1a and 1b before moving onto the second pair.

Rest for between 60 and 90 seconds between sets.

Because you’re working every major muscle group, you could do this workout up to three times in the week.

Structuring your training week:

Here’s how to structure your training week if you’re doing the full-body workout more than once:

  • 2 days per week: Monday and Thursday
  • 3 days per week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

At least one rest day in-between workouts is crucial to effective muscle recovery and, ultimately, muscle growth.

The full-body supersets workout:

1a. Barbell deadlift (5 sets x 4-7 reps)
1b. Single-arm kettlebell press (5 x 4-7)

2a. Dumbbell bench press (5 x 8-12)
2b. Kettlebell swing (5 x 12-20)

3a. Barbell reverse lunge (5 x 4-7)
3b. Pull-up (5 x 4-7)

4a. Kettlebell goblet squat (5 x 8-12)
4b. Incline dumbbell row (5 x 12-20)

Keep reading for full exercise instructions.

man performing barbell deadlift as part of a full body workout routine

1a. Barbell deadlift

Reps: 4-7
Rest: Straight into 1b

  • Focus on pulling first with the upper body.
  • Once you start to feel the bar about to move, start pushing with the legs.
  • Return to the floor under control.

How to do a barbell deadlift – more detailed instructions

man performing single arm kettlebell press

1b. Single-arm kettlebell press

Reps: 4-7
Rest: 60-90 secs, then repeat 1a
Sets: 5

  • Your start position should be with a neutral wrist (i.e. your fist is flat enough to rest a glass on).
  • Do this by allowing the kettlebell to slide all the way down into the palm.
  • The knuckle of your thumb should be able to scratch your collar bone.

How to do a single-arm kettlebell press

man performing dumbbell bench press

2a. Dumbbell bench press

Reps: 8-12
Straight into 2b

  • Roll your shoulders back and down to puff out your chest.
  • This position should be maintained throughout the set.
  • Your wrists should be always directly over your elbows.

How to do a dumbbell bench press

man performing kettlebell swing as part of a full body workout routine

2b. Kettlebell swing

Reps: 12-20
60-90 secs, then repeat 2a

  • At the top of the swing ensure your glutes and abs are squeezed tight.
  • On the way down, allow the arms to contact with the body before you break at the hips and let the kettlebell swing you through.

How to do a kettlebell swing

man performing barbell reverse lunge in gym

3a. Barbell reverse lunge

Reps: 4-7
Straight into 3b

  • At the bottom position, try to ensure you have a straight line from the knee touching the floor to the hip to the shoulder.
  • Maintain this position as you stand.

How to do a barbell reverse lunge

man performing pull-up in gym

3b. Pull-up

Reps: 4-7
60-90 secs, then repeat 3a

  • Start in a full hang and imagine pulling the bar to your sternum every rep – not pulling yourself to the bar.

How to do a proper pull-up

man performing goblet squat with kettlebell

4a. Kettlebell goblet squat (5 x 8-12)

Reps: 8-12
Straight into 4b

  • Hold the kettlebell at chest height.
  • Keep your elbows tight to the body and imagining you are trying to crush the kettlebell throughout the movement.

How to do a kettlebell goblet squat

man performing incline dumbbell row in gym

4b. Incline dumbbell row

Reps: 12-20
60-90 secs, then repeat 4a

  • Think about pulling the elbows into the hips.
  • Initiate the pull back by depressing the shoulders, then pull your elbows back.
  • Add a brief pause at the top of each rep.

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