Dan Fallon, co-founder of the newly opened Renegade’s Gym in Portsmouth, brings you one of its founding workouts that will test your strength, stamina and ability to endure.


How To:

  • Complete 5 reps of the first move your left side, then do 5 reps on your right side.
  • Complete 10 reps like this for each move.
  • The aim is to complete as many rounds as possible in 20, 30 or 45 mins – depending on how fresh you’re feeling.

The Menace Workout Will Test Your Strength & Stamina |Men's Fitness UK

1a. Single-Arm DB Reverse Lunge (left side)

WHY: The reverse lunge requires far more than just leg strength. It demands balance, coordination and core endurance.


  • “The most important coaching point,” says Fallon, “is to brace up at the core before you take a large step backwards.” 
  • The large step is important to target your hips and ease strain around the knee.

1b. Single-Arm DB Reverse Lunge (right side)

The Menace Workout Will Test Your Strength & Stamina |Men's Fitness UK
1c. Single-Arm Ground to Shoulder (left side)

WHY: “Being able to shift weight from the floor at pace is crucial for building power,” says Fallon, “which is useful for most sports.

“With fighting and contact sports in particular, the GTS hits the sweet spot for building strength and aerobic power.”


  • Much like the kettlebell swing, the hinge pattern (hips moving backwards with minimal knee bend) is essential. 
  • As you reach down for the dumbbell, maintain level shoulders.
  • And when you’re powerfully moving the dumbbell from ground to shoulder, snap your hips forwards.

1d. Single-Arm GTS (right side)

The Menace Workout Will Test Your Strength & Stamina |Men's Fitness UK

1e. Single-Arm Ground to Overhead (left side)

WHY: An excellent move for getting the heart rate up, this follows very similar mechanics to the GTS, only a little more power is required from the hips to transfer up the kinetic chain and get the dumbbell overhead.


  • The powerful pull from the floor to overhead is absolutely fundamental to being able to get the dumbbell over your head. 
  • With correct form – hips being driven forwards and the explosive shrug of the shoulders – getting that dumbbell in the air shouldn’t feel too hard.

1f. Single-Arm GTO (right side)

Dan Fallon is the co-founder of Renegade’s Gym in Portsmouth, and the founder of @superyouproject