After a year of gym closures, it’s good to be back in the weights room, but on hot days you will still want a go-to outdoor workout you can knock out in the park, without having to venture indoors.

In that regard, bodyweight drills are surprisingly potent: a Japanese study found that bodyweight training can increase maximum force by 15% and power by 13%.

Start with this simple three-move circuit. Once you’ve completed one exercise, move straight to the next, with minimal rest.

Once one round is complete, rest as needed then repeat the whole thing, adjusting reps and sets according to your fitness level/time at hand.

Try This Park Workout:

1a. Reverse Lunge (3 x 15)

“These offer serious bang for your buck, as they can be sped up or slowed down to challenge your legs and lungs in different ways,” says fitness coach Ben Camara.

1b. Beast Press-Up (3 x 15)

“This is my go-to exercise when I want a solid bodyweight workout,” says Camara. “You’ll get your heart racing and your chest pumping.”

After you press up, bend your knees and shift your weight back until your hips are almost over your heels, before driving forwards into the next press-up.

1c. Squat Jump (3 x 15)

“Always add something explosive,” says Camara. “These will hit your lower body hard.”

Drive up at the end of the squat so that your feet lift off the ground.


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