Row, twist, swing and squat from your own front room with our pick of the best men’s kettlebells to stay in shape from home…

Kettlebells come into their own for swings, cleans and snatches – where they’re more comfortable to use than dumbbells and less technical than barbells – making them excellent for building power.

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Because you’ll often use them unilaterally, in ways that involve holding them at odd angles to your body, they’re also great for teaching your body to ‘resist’ force, building the anti-rotational strength that experts agree is key to long-term health. Finally, because they’re suited to very high reps, they’re great for burning fat.

Unfortunately, however, not all kettlebells are created equal. Look for one with a nice handle: wide enough to comfortably grip with both hands, and with a texture that won’t irritate your hands over dozens of reps.

Ideally, you’ll also want a bell that sits comfortably against your forearm during swings or snatches – big and round is the key, but try it out if you can. The best bells are competition-style – they’re all the same size, whether they weigh 6kg or 32kg, and they’re a joy to swing.

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As an all-round option, 16kg is probably the best bet. You might find it a bit light when you get used to swings and squats, but it’ll also let you do a load of pressing variations and high-rep snatches.

If you’re getting a second bell, consider a 20kg or 24kg – the latter is heavy enough for almost any move you’ll want to do.

Without further ado, here’s our pick of the best men’s kettlebells for home workouts…

Best men’s kettlebells for home workouts

Man using the Bowflex Select Tech 840

Bowflex Select Tech 840


$129 / £149.99 /

Materials: Cast iron | Features: Adjustable weight offers 6 kettlebells in one; space-saving design | Available weights: 3.5, 5.5, 9, 11, 16, 18 kg (adjustable) | Dimensions: 22.4 x 17.8 x 31.8 cm

A space-saving design that lets you use up to six separate weights on one slick kettlebell.

It features a dial on top that allows you to adjust the weight and switch from one exercise to the next, meaning your kettlebell workout is as efficient as possible.

The ergonomic handle not only makes it easy on the hand, but also offers comfort for a longer-lasting workout no matter the weight you’re lifting.

Wolverson Competition Russian Kettlebell

Wolverson Competition Russian Kettlebell


$82.83 / £67 /

Materials: High-grade iron and non-corrosive stainless steel handle | Features: Competition-ready; no welding; wide flat base for stability; solid one-piece casting with a hollow core for exceptional durability; easy-to-grip handle | Available weights: 4kg – 48kg | Dimensions: Handle external width – 185mm; handle internal width – 118mm; height – 280mm; handle thickness – 34mm | Colours: Various

Created using new casting techniques, Wolverson’s competition-ready kettlebell looks the part, with no welding on the structure.

Expert weight distribution and class-leading tolerance mean the new model is solid and durable, and handling has also been reshaped, with a new 34mm diameter making it legal for all National Federations.

It’s easy on the hands and swings a dream.

Body Power Neoprene

Body Power Neoprene


£46.99 (for 20kg) /

Materials: Neoprene encased cast iron | Features: Durable coating prevents scratching; comfortable handling; stable base; colour coding aids weight identification | Available weights: 4kg – 20kg | Dimensions: 11.5cm handle | Colours: Various (depending on weight)

Made from solid cast iron, Bodypower’s Neoprene Covered Kettlebells are built for maximum durability, with a neoprene coating preventing scratching, splitting and scuffing of both the kettlebell itself and your nice new floor.

It features an 11.5cm handle and a hefty base.

Body Power Black Rubber

Body Power Black Rubber


$95.19 / £77 (for 24kg) /

Materials: Rubber encased cast iron | Features: Durable & robust; smooth finish for comfortable handling; balanced base for stability | Available weights: 4kg – 24kg | Colour: Black with silver chrome handle

Body Power’s Black Rubber Kettlebell offers maximum durability and protection with a solid chrome build and rubber coating, while its black and silver uniform design and chrome handle provide a smooth finish for comfortable handling.

There are ten weights available: from 4kg to 24kg.

Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell

Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell


From $99 / £119 /

Materials: Formulated steel handle | Features: Space-saving design; adjustable weight; extremely durable | Available weights: 10kg – 36kg (adjustable) | Colour: Black

The Ironmaster Adjustable Quick-Lock feels and performs like a traditional kettlebell, yet its modern build means it’s more efficient than most.

Featuring a wide handle with enough room for one or both hands, the Quick-Lock offering ranges from 10kg to 36kg. Another space-saving option ideal for home workouts.

JLL Kettlebell

JLL Kettlebell


$92.72 / £75 /

Materials: Neoprene encased cast iron | Features: Comfortable & durable; easy-grip handle; neoprene cover protects your floor; colour coding aids weight identification | Available weights: 2kg – 24kg | Colour: Various (depending on weight)

Probably the easiest-to-handle kettlebell on the list, this offering from JLL is not only comfortable but durable, thanks to its cast-iron structure and neoprene-covered base.

Coming in 2kg increments from 2kg to 24kg, there’s a JLL Kettlebell for everyone and every session.

Studio Competition Pro Kettlebell

Studio Competition Pro Kettlebell


$107.24 / £86.75 /

Materials: Stainless steel handle, spun carbon steel bell, durable powder coating | Features: built to last; engraved weight indicators; flat base for stability; colour coding aids weight identification | Available weights: 8kg – 32kg | Colour: Black with added weight identifying colours

Designed with athletes in mind, the uniformed size and standard colour-coding meets competition standards.

Easy to move from weight to weight thanks to its modern build and even weight distribution. Plus, an extra-tough powder coating and engraved weight indicators for life-long visibility mean it’s built to last.

Words: Tayler Wilson


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