The Umi Weighted Skipping Rope can be used with or without weights for endurance or cardio work and 360-degree bearings make it super smooth…

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Amazon Brand Umi Weighted Skipping Rope


£17.99 /


  • Neat two-in-one concept
  • Grippy handles


  • May not be able to replace weights after shortening
  • Even without weights there are lighter, quicker ropes

Grip: 3.5/5
Rotation: 4.5/5
Durability: 3.5/5
OVERALL: 3.5/5

At first glance, this weighted Umi rope looks geared towards endurance work over speed.

The total weight of the jump rope and handles is a noticeable 465g, which has the effect of making skipping feel tougher on the upper body.

By unscrewing the handles, though, the weights can be removed, offering more of an intense cardio workout.

In theory, the Umi offers two ropes for the price of one. However, unfortunately although the rope can be adjusted if it’s shortened significantly the weights no longer fit inside the handles.

That said, skipping with this rope is seamless thanks to its 360-degree rapid swivelling ball bearings. Its handles are comfortable, too, and covered in an anti-slip silicone. (Even after a 20-minute sweat session, these handles weren’t leaving our grip.)

Unlike many other weighted ropes, which tend to be quite stiff, the Umi folds away easily. But there are lighter ropes for keeping permanently in a gym bag.

Best skipping ropes for CrossFit and cardio – Amazon Umi Weighted Skipping Rope

Amazon’s Umi can be used as a weighted or unweighted rope