While not strictly compression tights, the Castore Indigo Airex Speed does offer recovery benefits and are good choice for cold runs…

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Castore Indigo Airex Speed Compression Tights  


£85 / castore.com  


  • Good warmth and comfort 
  • Zippered and elasticated ankle cuffs 


  • No medical-grade compression 
  • Just one tiny pocket 

Comfort: 4/5
Compression: 3/5
Sweat-wicking: 3/5
OVERALL: 3.5/5 

Lower torso of a man wearing Castore Indigo compression shorts
Designed primarily for running, the Castore Indigo Airex Speed leggings aren’t strictly listed as compression tights. However, Castore’s experts told us that they feature the same technical fabric and design as their pricier Black Roebus compression leggings. So they should offer the same benefits. 

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Comfort and fit is excellent. The smooth, soft and shiny stretch fabric feels comfortable against the skin. These thicker tights bring added warmth, though that denser fabric wicks and dries slightly less well than some other tights we’ve tested.  

The compression is noticeably milder than the more dedicated CEP Recovery Pro, 2XU Light Speed or Skins Series 5 tights. However, it’s stronger than the likes of the Canterbury ThermoReg and Under Armour’s Rush.  

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The gusset has relatively flat seams and we had no chafing problems on shorter workouts. We were less impressed by the slightly scratchy drawstring waistband, though we liked the toggle that makes it much easier to adjust the fit on the move, even with gloves. You don’t want to interrupt your run on colder days to take off gloves so you can retie drawstrings that come undone.   

We also appreciated the elasticated and zippered ankle cuffs. Although the zipper openings aren’t wide enough to get the tights on and off over your trainers, this does offer the best of both worlds. They have excellent stay-put fit and don’t ride up, but also allow easy access to adjust your socks. It’s particularly useful if you’re a fan of longer socks that often need adjustment under tights. And we think you’ll need to be, as those zips aren’t too pleasant against bare skin.  

Unlike many tights, the Castore does offer a zippered rear pocket, but it’s tiny. You could just about fit in your house keys or maybe a carb gel, but not much more. 

The tights come in sizes XS to 2XL but there’s no fine-tuning measurements for fit here. 

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