Scottish brand Endura makes great cycling kit that excels in UK conditions. Will the same be true for the Hummvee Flat Pedal Shoe?

For a while now Endura’s clipless Hummvee shoes have been my favorite for cross-country riding. So I was keen to see if its flat-pedal version would also be up there among the best cycling shoes.

Men’s Fitness verdict

This shoe gets the job done effortlessly. It’s rigid, sticks to the pedals like glue and shrugs off all but the worst that the UK weather can throw at it. I wouldn’t walk too far in them though.
  • Shoes stay planted on the pedals
  • Breathable and quick drying
  • Elasticated lace stash keeps laces away from drivetrain
  • Sole too rigid for long periods walking

Endura Hummvee Flat Pedal Shoe design

Endura splits its cycling shoe line-up between catering for the flat-pedal brigade and the clipped-in XC crew. Its MT500 Burner shoe is available in flat and interchangeable flat/clipless versions (via a removeable plate in the sole). Its Hummvee model is also available as a full-on clipless cross-country shoe. But the version I tested is the flat-soled Hummvee – solely for those who, like me, prefer riding on flats.

The Hummvee’s uppers are robust yet breathable thanks to those perforated panels

Just picking up the Endura Hummvee Flat Pedal Shoe, I wondered about the ‘multi-use versatility’ that Endura says is at its heart. That chunky sole looked mighty unforgiving for a shoe that’s designed to be worn all day, on and off the bike. I wasn’t entirely wrong either. Although it stood up to all-day use, your soles will know about it by the end of the day. I just didn’t feel there was enough flex to enjoy much more that a post-bike pint or wander about town. They certainly look stylishly casual enough, but I’d buy these to ride not to roam.

Endura Hummvee Flat Pedal Shoe performance

And it’s the riding where they excel too. I tested the Endura Hummvee Flat Pedal Shoes over a month’s worth of XC rides round my local woods in Longleat, down the red run of Wind Hill Bike Park and on challenging day trips to the Forest of Dean and the south of Wales. That StickyFoot™ Grip rubber outsole kept my feet glued to the pedals at all times. It provided a direct, immediate interface between me and my pedals, and that’s exactly what I want from a flat shoe.

After day-long rides my feet didn’t ache or feel pinched or battered (unlike a day wearing them about town). I did enjoy taking them out for a bikepacking trip, which often has plenty of time off the bike. But as there was no serious trekking involved these were perfectly comfy for walking around camp.

Longevity and protection

These aren’t waterproof but protected my feet from showers and puddles easily enough. The inner lining dries quickly too – I never felt the need to stick rags or paper inside to mop up any moisture. The outers are robust and will withstand plenty of mistreatment. There are perforated panels that help keep your feet from overheating. And those lace stashes are a nice touch – no chance of them getting caught in my drivetrain.

The Endura Hummvee has quickly become my favorite flat pedal shoe. For less than £100 you get a rugged, protective shoe that’s rigid enough to improve power transfer but stays comfortable during day-long rides. I won’t be looking to spend too much time off the bike in them. But on it I felt an assured rigidity and connection that really enhanced my bike handling.

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