The Colorado-based brand’s Merino jersey is an ideal choice if, like cycling expert Charlie Allenby, you want to minimise wash cycles, odours and your environmental impact…

Pactimo Merino Cargo Jersey

$139 / £105,

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  • Super soft material
  • Great odour and sweat management


  • Neck can become restrictive if rear pockets are full
  • Loose fit a bit out of date for some

Fit: 3/5
Comfort: 4.5/5
Breathability: 4.5/5

While it might seem slightly old-fashioned to don a woolen jersey, there is some logic when it comes to Merino. The natural material is not only inherently able to moderate your temperature, but it also has anti-odour characteristics, allowing you to wear a garment multiple times between washing – reducing your waste-water footprint in the process. It’s also a great jersey to pair with the best cycling shoes.

The Merino Cargo jersey from Pactimo is made using a blend of Merino and recycled polyester. So it combines the look, feel and breathability of Merino with the durability of a man-made material.

Pactimo Merino Cargo Jersey performance

Whatever the weather, a Merino jersey should in theory be able to regulate your temperature – keeping you cool on the hottest summer days and taking the chill off on early winter starts. I tested Pactimo’s Merino jersey throughout autumn in the UK, meaning highs of 20°C and lows of 5°C, and it kept me comfortable throughout.

When the sun was bearing down on me, airflow was high and hot spots minimal as it wicked sweat away with minimum fuss. On colder starts, I simply paired with a base layer and arm warmers, and it kept the edge off during the first 20 minutes while I was getting properly warmed up.

Product shot of a man wearing a Pactimo cycling jersey
The Pactimo jersey has three full-size pockets and two zippered ones

The other standout feature of Merino is its ability to stop the build-up of smells ride-after-ride, and again the Merino Cargo Jersey passed with flying colours. It handled three to four wears of varying intensities before it started to feel less than fresh, and felt as good as new after a cold wash.

Pactimo Merino Cargo Jersey fit

The fit is where the Pactimo Merino Cargo Jersey slightly lets itself down. It’s designed to be vintage and loose, and comes with a slightly retro half-length zip. But its lack of structure compared to more modern-style cycling jerseys means that it can lose shape – particularly when carrying a heavy load in the three rear pockets. Although a minor irritation, it did cause the neckline to become slightly restrictive.

Pactimo Merino Cargo Jersey value

At $139 / £105 RRP, the Pactimo Merino Cargo Jersey is on the expensive side for a normal jersey, but when compared to other brands’ Merino ranges –  Rapha ($170 / £140) and 7Mesh ($170 / £130) – it starts to look a bit more affordable. Plus, when you consider its durability, positive environmental impact and year-round use, it starts to look like a solid investment. At the time of review, there’s nearly 50% off when buying direct too.

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