The High-Protein Ready-To-Eat Meal Collection from Relo Food is a range of healthy, hearty and tasty stews, curries and pastas that are ideal for refuelling on the go.

It’s all very well stocking up on the best protein bars for a post-workout snack, but they’re no replacement for proper meals. Meal delivery services can be hugely helpful in making sure you hit your weekly nutritional targets, and are invaluable if you’re short on time. One such UK meal delivery service is Relo, which produces nutritious pouches of stews, curries and pastas you can get as one-off purchases or on subscription.

Men’s Fitness verdict

These Relo pouches pack a punch where flavour’s concerned and have plenty of nutritional benefits. The hearty hotpots have no right tasting this good straight from a packet. (Just look away, vegans.)
  • Tasty, real-food ingredients
  • Subscription is great value
  • Good range for carnivores
  • No plant-based options
  • Packaging not recyclable

Relo currently produces 13 different meals as part of its High Protein Ready-To-Eat Meals collection. You can order as little as two meals at a time or go for 20-plus to enjoy a 10% discount. As well as making one-time purchases you can also buy on subscription, which gives you another 20% saving.

Is Relo Food good value?

Go for that option and you can get each meal for £4.60 – otherwise it’s closer to £6. Either way that’s pretty good value. The first thing I noticed when my box arrived was there were none of the cooling gel packs you often get in meal delivery boxes. That’s because these meals don’t need a fridge or freezer, and can be stored at room temperature for up to a year. So it makes sense to stock up on them and take advantage of the savings. You can just keep them in your cupboard until you want them.

Relo’s meal range includes tasty chicken, beef and pork dishes

I tried the All-Day Breakfast, Asian-Style Peppered Beef, Pasta Bolognese, Chinese-Style Chicken Curry, Thai-Style Chicken Curry and Cajun Style Beef Stew. You can just tear both sides of the top by hand to microwave in the pack, or heat on the hob. Either way you’ll have a steaming hot bowl of goodness ready to go in under three minutes.

OK, so this is no fine dining experience. Each dish comes with its rice, pasta or chunky veg mixed in. And some can look a little homogenous and beige. But don’t let appearances fool you. These hotpots are tasty. The Asian-Style Peppered Beef has a pleasant hit from its creamy peppercorn sauce, the All-Day Breakfast is a hearty mix of moreish chicken sausages and beans, while the curries have deliciously punchy sauces.

Relo Food nutritional benefits

Looking at the numbers in each 350g pouch makes for good reading too. Each one I tried had a decent dose of protein (from 32g to 44g) and carbs (9.8g to 22.1g) with low calories (256kcal to 550kcal) and low sugar. Alot of that protein is coming from tasty, tender meat too. There aren’t any plant-based options yet, but most are gluten free. There are high fibre options and it’s good to see wholemeal rice being used too, as well as little or no preservatives.

I’ve found these packs have worked really well on camping or bikepacking trips. A couple don’t take up much room in a bike bag and you have an instant, healthy and wholesome meal to heat up on a camping stove with the carbs and protein you need to fuel your next day’s ride. The only problem I found was deciding what meals to bring.

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